How We Can Help?


Strategy & Consulting

We offer consulting sessions to help you create a web strategy if you don’t have one in place.  We also offer sessions for those whose strategy needs improvement.

A web strategy is fundamental to the success of your online presence.  That success depends upon the strength of the following factors:

  • Purpose. “Why do I want an online presence?”
  • Vision.  “How big do I want to see my online presence grow?”
  • Audience.  “Who am I targeting and am I prepared to give them a good experience?”
  • Tools.  “Am I using the right tools to grow?”

Web Design

Our web design philosophy is that a website’s job is not to just attract visitors. It should also have usability, be engaging, and be direct. When we design your website, we encapsulate the following into the design:

  • A modern and user-friendly approach
  • Responsive design (How it’s viewed on multiple devices)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Performance Optimization (Speed in which it loads)

Website Development

If you’re looking to create a WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, or Shopify website, we can help.  We can help in the following ways:

  • Setup hosting and help you purchase a domain name.
  • Help you pick a theme or template that fits your needs.
  • Customize the theme if customizations are needed.
  • Add the content of your choosing.
  • Launch the website for you while you take care of other important things.

Website Maintenance

Our website maintenance service consists of the following:

  • Software Updates Update WordPress software, themes, plugins when new versions are available.
  • Site Backups – A copy of your website is saved to ensure if anything happens to your site, it can be recovered and restored quickly.
  • Security Checks – Frequent security checks to maintain your site’s safety.
  • Content Modifications – Fix broken links, upload pics, new blog posts, and additional content for your website to save you time.

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