Website Design & Development

Modern, User-Friendly Design

Deliver a modern website built using current designs and techniques. 


Custom website to fit your business’s needs, and goals.

Search Engine Optimization Friendly

Your website will be built using the techniques needed to gain visibility with search engines.

Responsive Web Design

A responsively designed website that allows your customers to view your site on all devices.

Performance Optimization

Ensure your website is meeting optimal speeds for quick loading; therefore retaining visitors and satisfying search engines.

Website Care & Support

Software Updates

Update WordPress, themes, plugins when new versions are available.

Site Backups

Frequent backups to ensure that if anything happens to your website, it can be recovered and restored quickly.

Security Checks

Maintain your site’s safety to avoid attacks.

Content Modifications

Upload pics, new blog post and additional content for your website to save you time.

White Label Service

Are you a web designer who loves to design websites but hate using code to modify or add functionality to a website your working on?  Hire me to complete the coding component of your project.  


Need someone to walk you through the setup of your website, how to change content or theme modifications?  I can help you make this a smooth, headache-free process.

Troubleshoot & Repair Code

Do you have some HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or PHP code used for WordPress that’s not working properly? Let me help you figure out the problem to get your back on track with your development project.