Recently Completed Projects


Remote Notary Jobs

Web Design, Website Development, WordPress and WooCoomerce

Remote Notary Jobs is a job board geared toward notary professionals. Its purpose is to also share news and resources with those in the industry.  The site was built using WordPress with WooCoommerce integrated.

Griffin Doors

Web Design, Website Development, and Squarespace

Griffin Doors furnishes, installs and repairs commercial overhead and residential garage doors. The site was built using the Squarespace platform.  The client wanted an update to their site. Unfortunately, Squarespace no longer supported the template they were using. We decided to build a new website to showcase the various products the client’s business sells.

Twister Tree

Web Design, Website Development, and WordPress

TwisterTree is a professional tree care service servicing the Hampton Roads area of Southeastern Virginia. They were a new business needing a website to market their business online. 

The Royal Courtyard

Web Development and WordPress

The Royal Courtyard is an events venue specializing in weddings, parties, and other events.  The owner needed the mobile version of their website fixed.  The picture on the left is how the site looked prior to being repaired.  The image on the right was taken after the site was corrected.

Green Alternatives

Web Design, Website Development, WordPress

Green Alternatives is a family-operated Class A contracted business that performs local government and commercial work across the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. The owner wanted a modern website that would elevate his business’s online presence.

Hope & Healing

Web Design, Website Development, WordPress

Hope & Healing Centers its practice around Merciér Therapy. Merciér focuses on a gentle approach to help women become pregnant (naturally or in preparation for IUI/IVF) and to restore pelvic function.  The site owner wanted a website to market her practice online.  

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