Does Your Website Have Broken Links?

Does Your Website Have Broken Links?

What are broken links you may be wondering?

Broken links are URLs that lead to nowhere when you click them. Have you ever visited a website, clicked a link and ended up on a 404 error page? That link is known as a broken link.  They can be detrimental to your SEO rankings.

How do they affect your website?

Broken links make it hard for web crawlers, an internet bot that browses the web to index web pages to support search engine queries. An excellent example of how web crawlers work is when you use Google to search for a particle topic or keyword; the crawlers are deployed to go through each of the pages that were indexed in their database and retrieve those pages to Google’s servers. Broken links also affect your visitor’s experience on the website. If a visitor clicks on a link expecting content, but there is nothing there, they may not stick around on the site to read the other valuable material you might have.

What can you do to fix them?

There are numerous tools to help you detect broken links on your website. Here is a list of five sites that you can choose from to conduct the analysis:

If you find a broken link that results in a 404 page, there are three options you can use to repair this issue and avoid this issue in the future. If possible, you can update or refresh the content instead of removing the page. Another option, you can use is a 301 redirect. You can read more about it here. Finally, if the 404 error is a result of a broken external link from another website; it’s a good idea to reach out to the website owner to see if they have an updated URL you can use for your site.